May 19, 2014

Great Student Resources

Just made lots of updates and changes to my healthy food blog so I'm going to make this post a quick one!  Just wanted to share a few things that have been working so well in my classroom this year.

I made this resource to help my ELL students with their number sense.  They are loving it and it really is working!  I have one copy at the math center and when a student needs it they use it.  (I only have two students that use it so there's never an issue of it not being available.) If you have lots and lots of extra time like all teachers do, you can make multiple copies for each student to keep at their desk ;) *summer project*

The flip book has numbers 1-40 in English and Spanish and has a ten frame for each number. You can get it here from my TPT store!

I've also been busy making a super ABC pack for my kinder babies next year.  I started with full page sized alphabet letters.  These were so fun to make. :)

I'm thinking of cutting out and laminating them to post on the wall.  I am also thinking of printing 4 per page so each kid can have their own flip book. Click here to download it!

Last but not least, I wanted to share this AWESOME resource that I bought from one of my TPT idols, Reagan Tunstall.  These little flip books are so neat. My students are obsessed with reading them- OVER AND OVER.  It literally drills these hard to teach vowel and blending sounds into their little brains.  I definitely recommend all first grade (and I'm SO excited to see how they work in kinder next year) teachers to purchase them.  I promise they are worth the money! You can see the preview of them here! :)

13 days left of school!!! The countdown has officially started!! 


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