August 29, 2014


Freebie Fridays

Where did the past two weeks go? I feel like I haven't eaten a real meal or slept in days.. -_- Incase your are feeling the same way I am- which I know you are- here are a few laughs to get you through.

But really.... lol 

So I can barely keep my eyes open but I am determined to finish this post.  Over the past couple months I have made many new teacher friends and I am so thankful for that.  To show my appreciation, I've decided to make a blog post with all of my new freebies.  My hope is that you can cross something else off your death to-do list... ;)

Here is a handwriting freebie that you can download from my TPT store.  Just print and laminate- binding is optional but it keeps everything together perfectly!  I use a ProClick machine and bind the book across the top so it becomes a flip book.  Students trace with dry erase markers or their fingers, use wiki sticks, or play dough!

If you haven't started journaling in math then I highly suggest you try it out with my Interactive Math Journaling freebie!  This pack meets the K.CC.3 common core standard, but would work well in first grade as well!

I use this behavior chart/parent communication daily and my students keep them in a take home folder.  I keep one week in at a time and use a sheet protector so I don't have to open and close the fodder prongs each time.  My students get a sticker/stamp or a note home.  If you use a color chart, you can record the color here as well. Click here for this freebie.


August 17, 2014

Geometry Bundle is FINALLY finished!

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