December 30, 2014

Interactive Word Family Book

These books are great ways to introduce blending, building, writing, and reading CVC words. I send one book home each week for homework. Both parents and students LOVE them because they are so routine and quick to finish. I've had several many parents tell me how much they've enjoyed doing these with their child instead of a random worksheet. 
Happy parents = HAPPY TEACHER!  

Teach students to cut the letter tiles horizontally, one row at a time. The letter tiles are set up in the same order as the book. This will make it less frustrating for students to sort the letters- OR challenge some students by making them cut out all the letter tiles at once!

Students start by blending each picture and touching one dot for each sound.

Students write the word and circle the word.

You know I had to throw in a picture of the wag. So precious, it gets me every time.

Click the picture below to see it on TPT!

And click HERE to grab a freebie sample book!!


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