March 02, 2015

How to make glue sponges

Anyone else pulling their hair out over glue sticks?! "My glue dried up... I lost my cap.. I don't know where my glue stick is... She took my glue stick!" EEK!

I thought I solved this glue stick mystery by having a designated jar to keep glue stick caps that anyone finds on the floor. Great idea, right?! Lost your cap? Just go to the jar! 

Not so much...

Somehow, we have ended up with about 30 caps in the jar and no one seems to have the stick anymore... hmm, go figure.

So after hours on pinterest, I finally came across something that might work!! 


They are SO easy to use and can be stored easily. All students need to do is dab their paper on the sponge and it's ready to go! 

Note: Like all new things in kindergarten, you will need to discuss the "rules" of the glue sponges. Every now and then a student will get some glue on their fingers, but for the most part they are very responsible with the glue- Mostly because they know I will snatch those containers up and replace them with the gnarly looking gluesticks they left in the supplies bin... ;)

They are super easy and cheap to make and will last until the end of the year! 

Step: 1
Cover the bottom of the tupperware with glue, about a fourth of a bottle. I bought the containers on sale at Target, 5 for $1.97!

Step: 2
Place a sponge on top of the glue. These sponges are from Target- 4 for under $2!

 Step: 3
Pour about a half of bottle of glue on top of the sponge. Spread it around with the glue bottle.

Step: 4
When the sponges are covered, close them up and let them sit overnight.

 When the sponges look like they are starting to dry up, just add some more glue on top or flip the sponge over! It also helps to keep the sponge moist by spraying it with water every now and then.

And don’t forget to try MINI GLUE SPONGES!!

Happy gluing!



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    Teacher’s Lounge

    1. Yes I would love to!! Heading to your blog now! :)

  2. Hi, Kristin! I loved this tip and I would love to share it with my brand's fan page. Could I use the penultimate image to describe it? I need to add my logo, but because of terms and conditions, I would thank you in the fan page, feel free to tell me if this is fine for you. Thanks!

  3. Hooray! Finally someone else is doing away with Glue sticks and has a useful idea that should work well! I refuse to have glues ticks because they are an environmental disaster, but have met opposition from my team leader who is more concerned about spillages. This should keep both of us happy. Thank you!

    1. Glue sponges are such a great alternative to glue sticks!!


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